So What Does This Process Look Like....

So hypothetically if I get started, what comes next?

1. You have a chat with someone at our agency about:

- what have you tried in the past?
- what worked, what didn't to get the results you wanted?

- what expectations do you have?
- what kind of results are you looking to get now?

2. We drill into the research for your particular market:

- keeping in mind your expectations and needs from above

- searching for tactics we can employ to get the results you want

- look for any obstacles that might prevent positive outcomes

3. We send you a short video that's easy to watch and understand:

- we go over our findings in the market research

- explain our strategies and what kind of tactics we think will work best

- give you some pricing and expected results

4. If you like what you see so far, we connect with a video call:

- confirm that there are no issues with moving forward

- answer any remaining questions you might have

- once all decision makers are ready, we collect payment and any other needed information to perform the marketing work

5. You profit and consider asking us about adding more marketing channels and targeting more locations to continue growing your business.

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